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Long gone are the days of telephone directories and yellow pages. A web presence is essential if you want to be found by potential clients. Social media platforms can be limiting if your audience does not subscribe to them. There is also an ever-increasing security risk to using social media. Internet criminals are becoming very adept at stealing your confidential information from open source websites like Facebook and Reddit. 

We can help you design a secure website where your potential clients can find you, and feel safe browsing your content without risk. A personalized website, can make a small business seem larger than life, and help expand your audience from town square to world-wide. 

If you are not interested in creating a complete website, we can still get you noticed on the web with a flash banner ad. You know, those annoying pop-ups that flash before your eyes while watching cat videos. While these ads can be annoying (if they don't pertain to you), they are highly effective at getting "clicks"; meaning the user will click the ad either by accident, or out of curiosity. 

If you are sitting at the doctor's office, and you don't have your smart phone handy, what do you do? You start perusing the printed materials in the office, whether or not you really want to read about "Brittany's Comeback", or whether "Apple Cider Vinegar cures all ills". It's the same idea. A banner ad is an animated short video playing on a loop to promote your business. When clicked, they are provided with an option to email you, or visit your existing website for more information. You can then work with Google or Bing to purchase ad space for your new fantastic ad. We can help.

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